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Quality Policy

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Our Mission

“To help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.”

Optum Health Solutions UK Limited (OHS UK) is a leading health services and innovation company. Optum UK uses advanced analytics, digital products, and advisory services to help make health and care systems work better for everyone. Our products and services are safe and effective, and meet all applicable regulatory requirements.

Through the implementation and maintenance of our Quality Management System, we endeavour to promote behaviours and values that demonstrate focus and commitment to quality throughout the company.

Our goals are to achieve:

  • Ongoing support
  • A committed and engaged workforce
  • The establishment of quality objectives focused on meeting customer expectations
  • Operational excellence, robust design and development that includes post-sales market care
  • The determination to be appropriately responsive by listening to customers and acknowledging that our customers’ needs are constantly changing
  • A commitment to continual improvement and development of the workforce, products, and associated processes.
  • A pledge to ensure that internal communication systems exist which provide feedback to all employees on compliance with and progress towards our quality objectives.

As members of the Senior Leadership Team, we collectively and individually commit to:

  • Communicate this policy throughout the company
  • Promote this policy so that it is understood and shared by employees
  • Resource this policy in its implementation
  • Review the policy regularly to ensure that its relevance is maintained.